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Inside the Apple (Free Press) is available at bookstores and from online merchants:

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From the New York Times, May 8, 2009:




James was interviewed by amNY for their special Fourth of July issue. He was asked the question: “Who Was Henry Hudson?” For the complete interview, CLICK HERE.


We’ve had a few recent radio interviews that you can listen to online:

We appeared on the June 26 edition of WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show.

On May 30, we were guests of George Bodarky on WFUV’s weekly exploration of New York, “Cityscape.”

Download the podcast of our appearance on Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio. (The link opens up the podcast in iTunes; we are at the end of Hour 2 of the April 5 podcast.)



 “TOUR DE FORCE: Are you a history-minded tourist or longtime Noo-Yawkah ever-curious about the city's past but too proud to walk around with a guidebook? Inside the Apple, a collection of 14 walking tours about New York's eccentric history, may change your mind. While the highlights of any history of New York City are all there (e.g. Ellis Island, Boss Tweed, Central Park, the murder of Stanford White) the stories seem fresher here, thanks to tour guides Michelle and James Nevius' knack for lesser-known facts and anecdotes and their deep appreciation of historical context.”

—Benjamin Schmerler in The New York Post

(Follow this link for the complete review.)




Considering New York's dense history, these tours offer something for everyone: the Greenwich Village tour alone encompasses the Stonewall Inn, considered the birthplace of gay rights; Jefferson Market Courthouse, the nation's first night court; and the house where Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women. Not even natives know this much; even if they do recall the late-19th and early-20th century tenement laws meant to improve living conditions (chapter 84), they'll probably be surprised to learn where the city’s first tenement is located (chapter 32). From the 1765 Bowling Green Park protest of the Stamp Act to the 1980 murder of John Lennon outside the Dakota Apartments, this extremely thorough sidewalk-level guide is rich with 20 years of combined tour experience.”

— Publishers Weekly




“As a longtime New Yorker, I never tire of walking the streets and uncovering something new about the world’s most fascinating city, where every street has a story to tell. Inside the Apple is a gem of a book, filled with nuggets about New York’s extraordinary past, from the sidewalks up. Whether you are a tourist exploring for the very first time or a seasoned walker in the city, this book is a must.

— Kenneth C. Davis,
author of the bestsellers America's Hidden History and
Don't Know Much About ® History 




“I was born in New York and lived there for years, but I had no idea
what I was missing until I picked up Inside the Apple! It’s jammed
with fascinating pieces of history and great nuggets of trivia. I
can’t wait to walk Manhattan again with this book in hand.”

—Noah Oppenheim,

co-author of the bestselling The Intellectual Devotional tm Series




“It is a myth that New York City has erased its history.  As this entertaining and informative book shows, the history of New York is all around us. Using the streets of the living city, Michelle and James Nevius unfold the past with colorful detail.  This is a great book for visitors and New Yorkers alike."


— Hilary Ballon

author of New York’s Pennsylvania Stations and co-editor of
Robert Moses and the Modern City:
The Transformation of New York







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